Virola self-hosted server installation on Alma Linux and Rocky Linux

We tested this instruction on freshly installed Alma Linux 8, 9 and Rocky Linux 8, 9

  1. Download the Virola server installation package
    dnf install -y
  2. Open TCP and UDP ports in firewall
    firewall-cmd --add-port 7777/tcp --add-port 7777/udp --permanent
    Where 7777 — TCP and UDP ports on which the Virola server will listen. Can be any valid port number (from 1 to 65535), but must be the same for both TCP and UDP protocols.
  3. Run Virola server
    virola-server --listen *:7777
    Where * — (asterisk) means that the Virola server will listen on all available IP addresses. Or you can set the specific IP address explicitly, for example virola-server --listen

Note: On first launch, the server will create an admin user with the admin password and administrator rights. Please change the default admin password as soon as possible to a more secure one.

You can change user password from the Virola client. You can also change password of an existing user using the --change-password command line argument of the Virola server.