Files management

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Files management



Files sent in Virola chats are stored permanently unless removed by a user who sent them, chat room moderator or Virola admin. There is no limitation on the files format and size.


Files sending


Files sent in Virola client have timeless storage period and are always available for downloading. There are several ways to send files in chats:


1.Attach a file to the message already sent in chat. You can attach a file or an image from your Clipboard:


Attaching a file to the message

Attaching a file to the message


2.Drag and drop a file to the message input area

3.Paste a file to the messages input area by right clicking on it and selecting "Paste" from the context menu

4.Click "attach a file" icon in the message input area, select a file path and press "Open"

Attach a file

Attach a file

File search


File search works the same way as search in chat history:


1.Click on the search glass icon in the top toolbar of the chat room

2.Type a file name or part of it

3.Use arrows to navigate up and down the search results