Collaboration tool for distributed teams

  • Cloud or self-hosted
  • Private and group meeting rooms are available
  • Text chat with extended message types
  • Continuous voice meetings with unlimited participants
  • Screen and file sharing

Discover Virola

Virola is a corporate collaboration tool that brings distributed teamwork experience to a whole new level. Besides the usual messenger functions, it offers unique features such as live avatars and continuous voice meetings that improve team connectivity. And if you care about corporate data security, self-hosted Virola version comes in handy.

Why using Virola corporate chat messenger?

Benefits of corporate messenger

Well-organized corporate messenger helps to unite your team and streamline your business processes. No mess with mixed up private and business contacts like in public messengers; no weird network statuses when you cannot determine if your colleague is available; no irrelevant messages when you are busy doing your job. On the contrary, private and group meeting rooms allow reaching the right people instantly; clear network statuses give precise information about your colleagues’ availability; scheduled meetings structure your day and joint the team.

Virola corporate messenger screenshot

Quick start with cloud messenger solution

Cloud solution is perfect for evaluating the software. To go live with Virola just sign up for a free trial cloud account. Dedicated Virola server will be created instantly in our cloud storage and you’ll only need to install Virola messenger app on your computer and connect it to your server. As an account administrator, you’ll be able to configure your collaboration environment and then share access with your team.

Cloud corporate messenger

Why choose self-hosted corporate messenger?

When talking about corporate communication software, we always mean a tool where a lot of sensitive information is shared. Business plans, passwords, private URLs, your customers’ details… Such data going public might turn into a nightmare. Despite this, people often trust this kind of information to third-party cloud services and hope for the best. But the truth is none of third-party services can be 100% safe. Things happen. The only reliable way to secure your sensitive data is to store it inside your company. This way you’ll have full control over the data storage and full responsibility for keeping it safe. Self-hosted Virola collaboration tool was created with corporate data security in mind.

Self-hosted corporate messenger

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