Self-hosted chat, video conference, remote control and collaboration tool

Protect your business from surveillance and leaks with the on-premise corporate messenger. Free for small teams.

Self-hosted instant messenger Virola desktop app

How to start?

1. Set Up a Server

Download and install Virola server compatible with your operating system.

2. Install the Client

Install Virola client, log in as admin and follow tutorials to configure your server.

3. Configure your Team

From Virola client, create user profiles and share login credentials with your colleagues.

4. Start Communication

Have your teammates install Virola client app and join to start seamless collaboration.

Issue tracking

Get things done with built-in issue tracking system

  • Convert messages to issues
  • Set issue type and priority, assign issues
  • Attach unlimited files to issues
  • Filter issues and track progress on a task board

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Task board in Virola messenger

Permanent meeting rooms

Stay in touch with your distributed team

  • Create chat rooms for each department
  • Hold voice and video meetings
  • Join meetings from any device, either desktop or mobile
  • Share files of any type and size

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Permanent meeting rooms in Virola messenger

Screen sharing and remote control

Work on projects side-by-side while working from anywhere in the world

  • Share your screen in any private or meeting room
  • Allow room participants control your computer remotely
  • Choose the screen area to be shared / controlled
  • Choose sharing quality depending on your Internet connection

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Screen sharing and remote control in Virola messenger

User profile details

Let your employees easily access information about their co-workers

  • User picture and name
  • Department and job title
  • Social media details
  • Corporate contact information

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Permanent meeting rooms in Virola messenger

What can you do with Virola?


Communicate, send files, hold meetings, and manage tasks - all from one tool

Structure your team

Create topic-based groups for company's different departments, projects and various tasks

Track tasks

Turn chat messages into tasks and monitor their progress on a task board

Find people behind avatars

Add essential details to teammate profiles. Enable live avatars to see each other

Structure your day

Check the scheduled meetings list before making plans for the day

Keep tabs on everything

Configure notifications to get all news and updates in time. Mute excessive alerts

Present your ideas

Share your screen to explain your ideas and make presentations

Get assistance

Allow your co-workers help you by controlling your computer

Stay connected

Use iOS and Android apps to be in touch when you stepped away from your desk

Keep data safe

Keep your data safe on your private chat server or in our cloud chat server