Keeping corporate data safe with Virola

Protect your team against tracking, surveillance, and corporate data leaks

We are focused on offering a highly secure service, so with self-hosted Virola server you will have all the control over your data.

Virola server can be installed on any operating system - Windows, Linux, macOS. All your data will be stored on the server, not a bit will be available from outside.

You can also create a server in our cloud if needed.

Virola self-hosted server infrastructure

Virola with push notifications enabled

Your Virola server will use Google Firebase and Apple APNs services to send push notifications about new messages and calls to mobile devices. Additionally, due to the limitation of the push notifications technology, Virola server will contact our Push-token server API to renew the push token every 50 minutes.

Virola infrastructure with push notifications enabled

Virola without push notifications

If you disable push notifications for your Virola server, you'll be 100% independent from any third-party services. But your mobile devices will not receive push notifications about new messages and calls in this case.

Virola infrastructure with push notifications disabled

Push notifications security in Virola

Google Firebase and Apple APNs services are used to send push notifications from Virola server to mobile clients. This is the only possible way to send push notifications to Android and iOS devices.

All push notifications are encrypted with AES 256 encryption on Virola server, sent via an encrypted channel and decrypted by Virola client applications. There is no possibility to catch and decrypt push notifications on the way from the server to the client as only the server and the client have proper keys to encrypt and decrypt the message.

Each push notification contains the message text and service information required to understand who is the message sender and who is the recipient.

To send push notifications, token-based authorization on APNs and Firebase services is required. The authorization is performed by Virola Push-Token server. This server generates new tokens for APNs and Firebase each 50 minutes and sends them to your Virola server.

As you can see, push notifications in Virola are as secure as possible. But nevertheless you can disable push notifications for your server if you wish.

End-to-end encryption

We plan to add possibility to enable end-to-end encryption in the near future. Нowever, end-to-end encryption will not support many enterprise features. For example, issue tracking will not work with it.

On the other hand, self-hosted server, even without end-to-end encryption, is quite a secure solution compared to a third-party cloud, even if they claim that thay have end-to-end encryption.

User roles

Depending on the role each team member plays in the company, they may need to have access to different information and different rights to perform certain actions.

Admin role in Virola allows to manage messages, group meeting rooms, user profiles, global user permissions and grant Admin/Moderator permissions to other users.

Virola's administrator can create multiple topic-based rooms and limit their visibility to authorized team members.

Admin role

Moderator role can be enabled for group rooms participants and allows to manage specific group room - add/remove users, create issues and meetings, edit messages, set room-level permissions for all chat room participants or individually.

Moderator role

User permissions

App-level, room-level or personal permissions can be configured for Virola users to grant or limit the following functionality: creating private and / or group chat rooms, sending messages in conversations and / or discussions, sending attachments in conversations and / or discussions, editing or deleting files in conversations and / or discussions, reacting with emojis in conversations and / or discussions, changing properties of issues created by other users and recording voice meetings.

User permissions menu

Separating different projects

Separate servers for different teams and projects

With Virola you can set up different servers to manage different teams or projects separately.

Creating separate servers allows you to have separate databases for individual management of each team or project. This adds up to the overall security and privacy of your data. It also facilitates the workflow of managing multiple teams.

Multiple profiles management

Creating multiple profiles in Virola client app allows to connect to different servers. You can run all the profiles concurrently or open only those that you need at any given time.

Multiple profiles allow you to easily multitask and monitor the activities happening in different teams and actively participate in the discussions while keeping an eye on other teams and projects.