About us

Virola corporate collaboration tool was created by Provide Support LLC software developing company in 2019. Our first product was Provide Support Live Chat software which we launched in 2003 and which we have been successfully running till the present day.

Our mission is to give our customers a reliable and honest software which will simplify the work routine, which will work fast and most important – to give our customers the ability to keep their data absolutely safe and host all the information on their servers. Safety is everything nowadays. So we created Virola collaboration tool for secure remote team work, and added maximum useful features to make communication experience convenient and pleasant.

While using other tools for team collaboration we faced various challenges such as lack of security (data stored in cloud), poor sound and video quality during conference calls, inability to assign tasks directly in chat and many more. In Virola we managed to fix all those issues and created our own product for teams collaboration with convenient chatting interface, ability to install and run everything on a company server, team management tools and other useful features which you are welcome to try while testing Virola.