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Best practices for using scrum boards

For any type of team, whether it is in-house, remote, or distributed one it is important to have an ability to create, assign and track tasks, monitor the progress and see how successful the employees are... In this blog post we will talk about best practices for using scrum boards and explain why your team needs them.   read more

5 ways for effective management of distributed teams

Managing distributed teams is a tough task. It is easy to become isolated, experience communication issues, lose control over team's performance and their trust. However, with proper strategy and the right tools, this task can become not as challenging, and it seems to be and may lead to high performance and great results.   read more

Why your company needs self-hosted corporate messenger

In-house data storage is on the tongue of many business owners today. What is the best way to store data and how to keep it secure? Data leakage and data losses problems cost companies all over the globe millions of dollars. In fact, the data is lost not only because of hacker attacks, but also due to careless data storage attitude...   read more