Personal task management apps for taking notes and progress tracking

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If you find yourself forgetting to accomplish tasks, missing meetings or deadlines, this means it's time to get organized and start keeping track of events. No matter what kind of position you occupy, there is always a necessity to monitor your personal tasks and events to keep up with your team. There are many ways to do this:

  • Use reminders on a mobile phone
  • Enable scheduling calendar services
  • Take advantage of task management tools for taking notes and progress tracking

In this blog post we will describe task management tools and explain how they can help individuals stay up to date, prioritize tasks and keep things organized.

However, first of all let's find out what are the main benefits of these tools:

  • Significantly facilitate collaboration process
  • Prioritize the most important tasks
  • Help stay organized
  • Keep track of all events and set priority
  • Increase productivity
  • Automate time-consuming tasks


Virola is a collaboration tool which allows employees to keep track of all their tasks, stay productive and organized. Apart from being used as a corporate messenger, Virola can become very helpful as a personal task management app, which offers the following possibilities:

  • Making and saving notes for yourself
  • Creating meeting reminders and tasks
  • Viewing and filtering tasks in the Task board

If you use Virola for your everyday business communication, there is no need to install a separate personal task management app for notes taking and progress tracking as Virola has everything you need to stay efficient and productive.


ClickUp can be used both as a collaboration and personal task management tool. It offers the ability to create checklists and break complex projects into subtasks. This way you can track everything from multi-level workflows to simple to-do lists. At the same time, you can manage your personal tasks within this app. With ClickUp you can keep all your notes, tasks and checklists in one place. This is an excellent personal task management platform which will help you work faster and stay productive.


Regardless of the position, everyone needs to take notes, whether those notes are business related or personal ones. Notehouse offers simple and effortless note taking through their app. It helps you track meetings, conversations and appointments with zero effort.

Aha! Notebooks

You can easily share whiteboards or notes with your team, make personal notes and gather feedback with Aha! Notebooks. There are many other useful features within this task management app:

  • An ability to create public and personal documents
  • An ability to organize documents in folders and perform search in them
  • Choosing templates for your notes, documents and whiteboards
  • Creating a meeting agenda
  • Building diagrams from scratch on a whiteboard

Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams offers a wide range of collaboration features both for teams and individuals. They can be used by large corporations, small and medium businesses and individuals for taking notes and progress tracking:

  • Make notes wherever you are
  • Link notes with calendar events
  • Manage your projects
  • Get access from any device

With Evernote you can easily manage your work and personal tasks, connect them with calendar and create reminders. It's very easy and intuitive in usage and significantly facilitates your workflow.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is part of Microsoft 365 suite and allows creating notes and grouping them. It is very intuitive and users can easily navigate their notes in the left panel to find the ones they need. OneNote can be used across devices, where you can access your notes, highlight whatever is necessary and share with other people by inviting them.


Notejoy is a task management app for notes taking. It allows staying productive and provides a comprehensive set of features for notes taking:

  • Files sharing
  • Offline access
  • Images galleries
  • Markdown syntax
  • Code sharing in formatted blocks
  • Checklists

Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook has a very beautiful design and is available across various apps. You can create different types of cards for your notes to be able to distinguish them easily. You can also group and arrange them in a convenient order to stay productive and organized. Notes can be tagged to become easily searchable. You can secure them on your device with passcode and TouchID. You can easily share your ideas with your friends or team and never lose anything because all your notes are synced to the cloud and across devices.

A personal task management tool will help you get your ideas in order and stay organized. Think about features you need and the ways you would like to represent your to-dos. Try several tools to find the best one for your needs. These task management and progress tracking tools will significantly facilitate your life, help represent the ideas swirling in your brain, track your tasks and share them with your team and friends.