How to save notes in Virola Messenger

Working in remote and distributed teams, it can be impossible to keep track of everything in your head as during the day you may get hundreds of messages or calls. It's vital to have a safe place where you can save messages, links, files or any other items to access them anytime later, create reminders or tasks for yourself. And it would be great to have such a handy feature in the tool used for the company internal communication and collaboration. This way you will be able to access your data from different devices and locations, where the tool is installed, keep your efficiency at a high level, and streamline your workflow.

How to create such a safe space for your personal tasks and items in Virola Messenger

  1. First of all, you need to create a new conversation room by clicking "New Meeting Room" item in the chat rooms list context menu or in the hamburger menu;
  2. It is necessary to enter a name for the room, for example, "My Tasks" and click "Create" button;
  3. Don't add any other users to this meeting room, keep it to yourself;
  4. Your private space for creating tasks, saving messages and making reminders is ready.
Tasks room example in Virola Messenger

How to use chat room for storing information

How to pin room

After creating a meeting room there will be only one participant – you. This means all information shared there will be available only to yourself. So, here is what can you do in this private space:

  • Save important text messages;
  • Send there files which you need to access later or keep at your fingertips;
  • Create tasks for yourself;

This is your private space for arranging information and tasks. It makes it easier to access all needed data and stay efficient. Moreover, you can pin this chat room to make it stay atop.

With the help of Virola corporate messenger you can not only communicate with your team members in secure private and group chat rooms, but you can also use it as a task management tool to arrange tasks and useful information. It's a great alternative to Telegram's "Saved Messages" and Viber's "My Notes" features which many users found really helpful.