Secure collaboration for your distributed team

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In modern world tools for secure collaboration became crucial. If you cannot keep your internal business information secure, your competitors sooner or later will get access to it and will try to use it as their advantage. Moreover, if you have distributed teams all over the globe it is important to take care of data protection starting from internal communications and finishing with data storage.

Main requirements to a secure collaboration tool

While working in distributed teams environment it is quite challenging to keep productivity, quality of work and motivation on a high level. At the same time, the process of keeping data and conversations secure is quite important. To combine both security and meet main requirements of productive remote and distributed teams' performance you need to find the right collaboration tool which will have the following features:

  • On-premise deployment
  • Unlimited files and conversation storage
  • Task board
  • Easy and convenient search in conversations
  • Group chats, audio and video conferences
  • Meetings scheduler
  • Mobile apps
  • Screen sharing
  • User permissions

Secure collaboration with Virola corporate messenger

Virola is a self-hosted corporate messenger and collaboration tool. By deploying it on your server, you can be confident that your information stays protected and will not be accessed by third parties. Moreover, your team will be able to communicate, schedule conferences and assign tasks in one tool. This way, all information needed for smooth workflow will be available at fingertips.

Virola corporate messenger supports all needed features for smooth, secure and productive communication process:

  • Group chats
  • Private chats
  • Video and audio conferences
  • Unlimited files and conversations storage
  • Different permission levels:
    • admin
    • moderator
    • users who can create private and group chats
    • users who are not allowed to create private and group chats
  • Scrum board
  • Meetings scheduler
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Convenient search in conversations list and chat history

Using all-in-one collaboration tool is more secure than having different even highly protected tools for collaboration process. Virola corporate messenger can be deployed on premise and will satisfy all requirements of remote and distributed teams. Moreover, your team will have all information in one tool and will access everything from one application. As a result, this is not only more convenient but also more secure since all data is kept in one place.