Why your company needs self-hosted corporate messenger

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In-house data storage is on the tongue of many business owners today. What is the best way to store data and how to keep it secure? Data leakage and data losses problems cost companies all over the globe millions of dollars. In fact, the data is lost not only because of hacker attacks, but also due to careless data storage attitude. Many companies never pay attention to the ways their employees communicate and how they share internal company information.

However, this is one of the weakest sides of business communication and here are the main reasons why:

  • Employees use different private messengers for communication
  • Important files are stored on third-party servers
  • Not all messengers support search options which makes it difficult to find needed information
  • Company information is not stored in one place and is lost
  • Internal business data can be accessed by government and third parties when messengers are used for internal communication

Thus, using self-hosted corporate messenger for internal communication is not a paranoia, it's a necessity for modern business communication.

The benefits of using self-hosted corporate messenger

When you have an ability to store your company data in-house, you ensure that your internal information is safe, protected from data leaks and surveillance.

With self-hosted corporate messenger Virola, you will take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Control over your internal company information
  • Own SSL certificates
  • All communication is in one application
  • Safe and secure internal communication
  • No access by third parties
  • Control over users and their roles
  • Unlimited files storage
  • Intuitive search options for conversations
  • Topic based and private chats
  • Tasks and issues tracking
  • Task (Scrum/Kanban) board
  • Meetings scheduler
  • Video and voice meetings

Virola collaboration tool has all features you need for smooth business communication. All information is stored on your corporate servers and no data is lost due to hosting service providers going out of business, their data backup failures and so on.

Disadvantages of using cloud based corporate messengers

Though cloud-based solutions can be easily set up and running with a couple of clicks and you do not need to care of your server and data storage, there are still disadvantages you need to consider while choosing the corporate messenger for your business communication needs:

  • You rely on resources of the vendor
  • Your data can be accessed by third parties
  • You have less control over the ways your data is stored and protected

When choosing between cloud based and self-hosted corporate messenger you need to consider all advantages and disadvantages of both solutions for your business. You can sleep well only if your data is safe. Try Virola self-hosted corporate messenger to see how it works for your business communication.