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Secure documents exchange and protected communication channels are essential for legal companies. Very sensitive information is involved in many cases since most part of the shared documents is entirely confidential.

Law firms of any size are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Thus, having data security policies in place is a must for legal companies today. In most part of cases lawyers work from different locations and have a necessity to exchange information via secure communication channels to avoid confidential data leakage and to keep attorney-client privilege.

This presents a significant challenge as unlike office secure networks, public Wi-Fi networks as well as attorneys' home Wi-Fi networks put company's confidential information at a higher risk of a data breach. In this blog post we will share a useful list of secure software for legal professionals and law companies.

Secure corporate messenger

Secure corporate messenger is an essential part of any business communication today. This is especially important for legal firms, since in such conversations lawyers share confidential information. Virola provides a secure self-hosted messenger which provides everything your law firm needs for efficient communication:

  • Private and group chats
  • Configurable set of permissions
  • Integration with LDAP directory services
  • Video and audio chats
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Unlimited files and conversations storage

Documents management software

Document Management Systems (DMS) help legal firms to organize their data and pictures. This way they help get rid of multiple tables and keep documents accessible to different lawyers with an ability to make changes in them and synchronize to the main database. In addition, DMS supports integration of email clients and legal practice management software. As a result, this significantly facilitates the process of searching for user information, summarizing, etc.

There are many DMS providers on the market, however, the most popular among law companies are:

  • Clio provides everything your law firm needs in one place. It significantly facilitates collaboration within the organization and in addition provides a wide range of tools for managing billing, time tracking, reporting and online payments.
  • NetDocuments provides secure email and documents management software with OCR recognition which automatically reviews content added to the NetDocuments database to locate non-searchable images and documents (e.g. PDFs), analyzes the content, and then digitizes the documents to ensure all documents are fully searchable and indexed.
  • iManage provides document and email management software. Law firms can also take advantage of their legal transactions management software as well as task & workflow management tools. iManage document and email management empowers lawyers to be more productive, streamline collaboration, and deliver their best work.

Billing and payment processing

Secure online payments allow clients to make payments securely from their computer or mobile device rather than in-person or by mailing a paper check. All sensitive information is encrypted and transmitted directly between financial institutions, keeping it safe from being compromised.

By offering secure online payments you not only follow the modern digital trend, but also make the payment process faster and more convenient. There are many generic payment processing platforms available on the market today. However, many law firms prefer using LawPay designed with attorneys in mind. It allows creating invoices and supports most popular payment methods such as Credit and Debit Cards, eCheck payments, legal fee financing as well as scheduled payments.

PDF conversion software

Converting scanned copies into digital documents is an integral part of the workflow in any legal company. The leading solution on the market is Adobe Acrobat, which has provided reliable PDF conversions for many years.

It offers PDF conversion services on a subscription basis. For legal companies the most suitable plan will be Acrobat Pro for Teams as it allows selecting the number of users and provides all necessary features for smooth and efficient PDF files processing.

Password management

Storing passwords in browsers sacrifices security for usability. Most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge store user passwords in a highly insecure way. Thus, it is recommended to take advantage of more secure password management plugins.

LastPass will protect your legal business with a better password behavior. Your master password and stored passwords are kept secret. Your vault is encrypted and decrypted only at the device level. LastPass holds third-party certifications including ISO 27001, SOC2 Type II, SOC3, BSI C5, TRUSTe, and more to match your company's compliance. You can also activate additional authentication, like a one-time passcode or fingerprint scan, to protect your account against cyber attacks.

You can also take advantage of password managers available with your security software. For example, Norton includes password manager to all available subscription packages.

Legal technologies such as document management systems, legal research platforms, online payments and billing tools, practice management and contact automation tools, calendaring and online legal marketplaces help to boost productivity, increase client satisfaction and the trust level.