10 most useful mobile apps for business

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Today mobile apps for business play a significant role in the everyday routine and simplify many tasks. Having things done in a fast way not only facilitates the workflow but also allows employees to complete more tasks and as a result increase income and improve customer service. Especially, such apps are helpful for small businesses as they allow complete tasks on the go: create invoices, maintain customer relationship, assist customers in real time, monitor tasks, assign issues, manage teams and many more. To help you with your apps choice we will share 10 essential and useful mobile apps for business in this blog post.

Google Workspace

Lots of companies use Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Docs to share documents with team members. Google Drive and Mail have also become an integral part of any workflow. There are many other apps for your business in the Google Workspace suite and all of them can be easily accessed and managed from mobile devices. This, as a result, makes synchronization and data exchange process very simple and transparent.

There is no need to create separate login credentials. Users can connect to Workspace apps with their Google login and password, nothing else is required. Once they have authorized on their mobile devices, they can easily access all apps with a couple of clicks.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 like Google Workplace is a suite of applications for business, family and education, such as MS Word, Excel, Power Point, OneDrive, etc. These applications are synchronized between devices. They significantly facilitate workflow and improve productivity. At the same time, they help to keep all corporate information in one place and take advantage of tools for communication, team collaboration and data storage.

Besides mobile devices support, Microsoft 365 offers a very important feature – data loss prevention. I.e., it stops an email from being sent if it contains sensitive data. DPL policies can be applied across Microsoft services and office applications.

By using the right office suite, you will increase your team's productivity, provide your employees with reliable mobile apps for business and have a positive impact on your company growth.


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing tools. It works great both on desktop and mobile devices. According to data for 2022, 350 million people participate in meetings on Zoom every day. Zoom holds a 38.21% market share for online conferencing software globally. This makes this app one of the most popular for video conferencing.

Zoom provides not only high-quality video meetings, but also supports webinars hosting and phone calls. Thus, this app can be really helpful and will significantly increase the quality of business video meetings and webinars.


Asana is one of the most popular solutions for project management. It is available both on desktop and across mobile devices. You can easily use this mobile app for business to track tasks assigned to your employees while you are away from the office. It helps keep an eye on your team's performance and track tasks on the go. With the help of Asana you can create to-do lists and reminders.

If you are not ready to pay for this application, you can take advantage of a free version that is equal in quality and get excellent features for managing your teams and projects both in the office and on the go.


Virola corporate messenger is a comprehensive tool for business communication and collaboration. It can be used by businesses of any size and supports sign-on with Active Directory credentials. All communication history is synchronized with mobile devices and allows communicating wherever you are. Virola is one of the best mobile apps for business as it supports such important features as:

  • Private and group chats
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Secure hosted on-premises version
  • Active Directory integration
  • Screen sharing and remote control
  • Task board
  • Issues tracking
  • Unlimited files sharing

Virola can become one of the most helpful mobile apps for your business as it supports various important for team collaboration and management features.


Square allows processing credit cards with help of the mobile app. Once you download this free app, you can sign up to receive a credit card reader dongle in the mail. After the dongle arrives, you can plug it into your mobile device and get a portable POS system at your disposal.

In addition to the card reader feature, you can track and send invoices, send receipts through text messages or email and monitor sales in real time. Square helps to make payments processing secure wherever you are.


Dropbox can make your work life simpler with help of products for cloud storage and file sharing, eSignature, document tracking and backup. You can keep all your data in a safe cloud and access it from any device. This makes Dropbox one of the most helpful mobile apps for business. It significantly facilitates files exchange and guarantees secure storage for your corporate data.

The free version of Dropbox offers 2 GB of space and business plans include 3 TB and more storage, depending on the plan, eSignature, content protection and other important team management features for secure files exchange.


Trello allows to keep your tasks and team organized no matter where they are. It's a comprehensive task board where you can create cards for tasks, assign them to team members and keep track of their activity. It's a great way to organize the workflow of your team and keep an eye on their performance wherever you are.

You can easily invite users to collaborate on projects, leave comments and attach files. No matter where you are, Trello's boards are available and help you monitor your team and manage tasks.


This mobile app for business allows creating invoices in seconds. Invoice2go helps save time on invoices creating and significantly facilitates this process. With this app businesses can track time, expenses, manage accounting and purchase orders on the go.

Invoice2go's mobile app is very popular among users and is known to be the one of the most user friendly. In addition, with Invoice2go users can easily track overdue or unpaid invoices, the total tax, year sales, and receive online payments through PayPal or Stripe. It will also send customers automatic payment reminders while the invoice remains unpaid.


QuickBooks is an affordable and user-friendly accounting solution for businesses. Mobile QuickBooks app allows you to access customer information, send invoices, save photos of receipts, send email estimates, manage late invoices, view reports and track expanses. Moreover, it supports multidevice access which means you can have it both on your desktop and mobile without any additional fee.

All information is stored in a secure cloud and your employees can access it anytime and from anywhere. It's a great tool to automate your accounting tasks and facilitate business workflow.

Mobile apps for business significantly facilitate workflow and make it possible to stay on top of things on the go. However, while using such apps it is important to remember about security and data protection and activate Touch ID, Face ID or passcode on the mobile devices where these apps are installed. Such measures will help prevent unauthorized data access if the device gets stolen or lost.