Exploring Virola corporate messenger's mobile app capabilities

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Self-hosted secure messenger can keep your conversations private and protected. It does not display advertisements and prevents information leakage. Such messengers can be installed on computers and offer secure mobile apps for Android and iOS. This way, all group and private chats will stay protected from third parties and data thefts.

In fact, 45% of Americans have had their personal information compromised by a data breach in the last five years. Such data thefts take place not only while making online purchases but also while using messaging apps for communication. Thus, to ensure your data is safe it is necessary to use a secure messenger app for communication. To keep the worries away, we will describe how Virola self-hosted messenger works and will tell about its secure mobile messenger apps.

What is a secure messaging app?

While using messaging apps it is important to know that they are secure, and all information shared in chats will not leak to third parties.

To become best secure messaging app, it should meet the following requirements:

  • Self-hosted. While hosting the app on your server either physical or virtual, you will take control over the data. Virola server is very easy to install on Linux, macOS and Windows machines. The initial installation does not require much effort and resources. The server capacity will depend on the amount of information you are going to share and store in your chats.
  • Multi-platform. Synchronization across platforms is very important when users want to remove messages or files they have previously sent. Without this feature they will feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. Multi-platform synchronization enhances mobile messaging app security.
  • Multi-mode communication. An ability to communicate through different channels is crucial for secure communication. While texting users may want to switch to voice and video communication to avoid sending something in private or group chats.

Virola mobile secure messenger

With help of secure mobile apps, users can communicate not only from the office, but also on the go. Mobile messaging app allows chatting, making calls and joining audio as well as video meetings. Let's see how this works in Virola corporate messenger.

  • In-app calling. You can make calls directly from the app using the built in-app calling function which allows initiating and accepting calls.
  • Voice meetings. With a couple of clicks you can join voice meetings in group chats.
  • Video meetings. By clicking a "camera" icon you can start transmitting video and by clicking an "eye" icon you can see video transmission from cameras of other meeting participants.
  • Group chats. Topic-based chats can be organized for departments, separate projects or between groups of employees. You can easily pin the most important ones and see active ones in "Recent" section.
  • Private chats. You can initiate chats with your co-workers and access them from your phone wherever you are.
  • Nudges. You can nudge a person who is not responding to your message.
  • Files sending. It is possible to send files of any type to your chats from your mobile device.
  • Push notifications. You will get notifications on incoming calls and messages sent in group or private chats.
  • Task board. Issues and tasks monitoring process is one of the main responsibilities of project managers. It is important to have access to the task board anytime and anywhere. With Virola mobile app, managers can easily open the task board, check status of the tasks and reassign them if necessary.
  • Issues reporting. No matter whether you are at your desktop or use your mobile device on the go, sometimes it is necessary to report issues or assign tasks. Virola mobile messaging app allows creating tasks from scratch or turning chat messages into issues.

When you select a corporate messaging app for your team, it is important for it to meet the following requirements:

  • Cross-platforms synchronization
  • Powerful mobile messaging apps
  • Professional administration
  • Data protection and security
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • API for integration with other services and software
  • Task board for tasks and issues tracking
  • Support for video and audio conferences
  • Files sharing and storage

A secure messaging app will make the communication and collaboration process healthy and successful in your organization. With its help employees will efficiently collaborate not only in the office but also on the go no matter where they are.

Virola corporate messenger meets all these requirements and provides secure environment for efficient and successful team communication and collaboration.