Free TeamViewer alternatives for remote support

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Reliable and efficient software for remote support and customer service has become important more than ever today. Many companies hire remote and distributed teams which successfully work in their virtual offices. However, such environment requires reliable software which will help troubleshoot issues remotely and provide assistance to customers with help of screen sharing and remote control features. Though TeamViewer has long been a popular choice, more and more businesses look for free TeamViewer alternatives to optimize their customer service costs.

No matter whether you are an IT specialist, customer service agent or business owner, you need reliable and efficient software for remote support, screen sharing and communication. In this blog post we will explore free TeamViewer alternatives available on the market today.

Why do users look for TeamViewer alternatives?

Though being very popular TeamViewer has some drawbacks which make the experience not as pleasant as expected:

  • TeamViewer is not free for commercial purposes;
  • It does not work through proxy;
  • File sharing limitations and low speed;
  • TeamViewer's Linux version has a wide range of issues;

What are the best TeamViewer alternatives?

Below we prepared a list of the best TeamViewer alternatives for screen sharing and remote desktop access.

Virola corporate messenger

Virola is an on-prem alternative of TeamViewer. It supports screen sharing, remote desktop control, unlimited file transfer, video and audio meetings, private and group chats and convenient Kanban board for tasks tracking. Why you need to choose Virola as a replacement for TeamViewer:

  • High level of security. Virola is more secure as you can host it on your server and take control over the information transferred in chats;
  • Multiplatform support. Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile versions are available;
  • No limitation for file sharing. You can share files of any size without limitations;
  • All valuable information is not lost. During screen sharing or remote desktop control sessions you can stay in a video meeting and continue troubleshooting. All information you exchange in your chat will not be lost and will be available in the chat room;
  • Kanban board and issues tracking. You can convert messages sent in a chat to issues which will appear on a Kanban board;
  • Flexible screen sharing and remote control settings. You can select the area of the screen you would like to share. Other participants can view it in a separate tab or undock and view in a separate window;
  • Text, video and audio communication. It is possible to start and finish screen sharing and remote desktop control sessions during a video or audio conference without interrupting it;
  • Active Directory integration. Users can use their AD credentials and connect to Virola client with help of LDAP and AD integration which works as authorization service to boost efficiency, productivity and security;

Virola corporate messenger is available for free for small teams. There are no features limitations in a free version.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is remote assistance software of enterprise level. It provides cloud-based software for remote access and remote support. Why users choose Zoho Assist as alternative to TeamViewer:

  • High level of scalability;
  • Completely secure file transfer with 256-bit AES encryption;
  • Text, voice and video chat;
  • Multiplatform support;
  • Concurrent sessions;
  • Rebranding options;

A free version of Zoho Assist is available with certain features limitation.


TightVNC is a completely free open source remote desktop software. If you need a completely free software for Windows for remote desktop access, you can use TightVNC as alternative to TeamViewer. However, if you require more features for troubleshooting and remote support, you need to consider other products.


As well as TeamViewer AnyDesk is the software designed for remote support and assistance. AnyDesk enables teams to access any device, desktop or server machine from anywhere. It offers API and flexibility in integration with your system and workflow. So, let's see how features of AnyDesk and TeamViewer can be compared:

  • Both cloud and self-hosted versions are available with AnyDesk;
  • AnyDesk uses military-grade TLS 1.2 standardized protocol as well as AES (256-bit) to encrypt connections while TeamViewer uses end-to-end ncryption based on 4096 RSA private/public key exchange and AES (256-bit) encryption;
  • Users report that file transfer speed is faster on AnyDesk comparing to TeamViewer;

A free version of AnyDesk with limited features for private usage is available.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a popular solution for small teams and home usage because of its affordable plans and free light version. With VNC Connect desktops can be shared between diverse systems running Linux, macOS, Windows, Raspberry Pi, and other operating systems. Multiplatform usage is supported without limitations. In addition, VNC Connect supports audio and chat, file transfer and remote printing. Friendly user interface, multiplatform support and reasonable pricing make VNC Connect a good choice for businesses looking for TeamViewer alternatives.


Splashtop is available for free for personal and non-commercial usage. However, it offers very flexible and affordable plans for businesses including on-prem version. Splashtop supports multiple platforms, allows remote printing, group viewing and remote waking. It is also possible to record sessions and save them locally or on a cloud.

If you need a comprehensive software for collaboration, remote support, troubleshooting and issues tracking, we recommend using Virola corporate messenger as in this case you will take advantage of all necessary features from one tool. It's a great TeamViewer alternative. Moreover, small teams can use Virola corporate messenger for free for their business needs.