5 reasons to use on-premise secure business messenger

Secure messenger illustration
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No matter whether your organization is large or small, the need for secure and reliable communication is the number one demand today. Cloud-based corporate messengers like Slack in spite of their popularity lack vital functionality for data protection and can disclose customer data in response to a valid legal process.

Though cloud computing is very convenient and scalable, many organizations prioritize data control, high levels of security and privacy. This can be achieved with help of on-premise deployment of the communication software.

Today many European enterprises and government agencies in particular require on-premise messenger due to privacy, security, compliance and regulatory requirements. However, this is not the only reason. On-premise corporate messengers have other advantages, let's explore them in this post.

Compliance with data protection regulations

Based on the CLOUD Act. On 10th July 2019 it is possible for US law enforcement agencies request the US courts to issue a warrant to access data from providers of electronic service providers regardless of whether data or communication is physically located in the US or not. This means that if you use cloud corporate messenger for your business communication, all your data can be accessed by law enforcement based on an issued warrant.

The US Cloud Act raises significant concerns regarding European data protection and privacy. European companies and organizations using US cloud services or software solutions could potentially be monitored by US authorities without their knowledge. There is no obligation on the part of the US to inform affected parties. This means European companies using cloud services from US providers can no longer ensure GDPR compliance.

GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation was implemented in the EU in 2018 to give consumers more control and protection over their personal data. Personal data under GDPR constitutes any and all information that can be used to identify an individual including names, job titles, email addresses, location tracking, and more.

While the main concern of GDPR is to ensure that businesses are using personal data in ethical ways, the US Cloud Act grants US authorities unrestricted access to data with the purpose of crime prevention and ensuring comprehensive security through US law.

The solution for European companies is to purchase self-hosted license for corporate messenger like Virola and deploy it either on own server infrastructure or in European based secure cloud. With on-premise hosting, you have complete control over how and where your data is stored. This can simplify the process of meeting regulations and reduces your risk of non-compliance.

Enhanced security and control

Whenever you use SaaS system you put your data into the hands of third-party organizations. No matter how the company is trustworthy, there is still the risk of data breach. With on-premise hosting you control your data and the way your corporate information is stored. You get enhanced data security as only authorized employees can access sensitive information. After all, knowing that your data is safe brings more peace and confidence.

Flexible customization

On-premise business messenger can be customized to fit specific business requirements and integrate with existing systems. For example, you can select the storage directory, control the size of your database, and use your own SSL certificate. If you do not have your in-house infrastructure, you can rent a dedicated server in any data center and host your business messenger there.

Cost savings in long-term

Everyone knows that the cost of the initial setup or installation for on-premise communications is higher than the subscription price of the cloud solution. However, from the long-term perspective cloud services add up over time. This makes them more costly than on-premise solutions for enterprises.

Full ownership of your corporate data

No matter how trustworthy the company is, the lack of control presents a risk. It takes just one rogue employee or hacker at a company you trust your corporate communication to access your data and systems. On-premise solutions help retain complete data ownership and comply with your local data protection regulations.

Modern businesses are looking for the right solutions to prevent data breaches and comply with data protection laws. Security and flexibility remain crucial considerations in choosing between cloud and on-premise solutions. While each type of deployment – cloud or on-premise has its own advantages and disadvantages, businesses always take into consideration const and benefits before choosing the service deployment type.