10 secure on-premise apps for enterprise business

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When you host applications on your own infrastructure, you get full control over the information. It is the most secure way to keep data as no third parties can get access to it. Internal communication has always been a weak side of corporate security. However, with help of secure on-premise apps, it is possible to keep all data in one place. More and more on-premise collaboration apps offer a wide range of integrations with popular video conferencing or file sharing services. However, this is another security breach which makes senseless the whole idea of hosting the collaboration app on-premises. Thus, for secure and effective collaboration it is important to find the right tool which will support all features your company needs for effective collaboration. In this blog post we would like to share the list of secure on-premise apps for enterprise business.

Virola — secure tool for internal communication

It is important to keep all internal communication in one place. Viola is not just another secure on-premise app for enterprise business, it is a comprehensive collaboration tool for internal communication, video conferencing and file sharing. It allows communicating on any device in private and topic-based chats, create and track tasks on a task board. Virola also supports screen sharing and remote control features and is very intuitive in usage. This collaboration app has all necessary functionality and does not need integration with additional software. This makes it secure and independent from other apps.

Chatwoot — open-source live chat for website with self-hosted plans

It can be fully hosted on company's infrastructure, keeping all communication in one place. This live chat widget can be customized to fit your brand and extended to meet your business needs.

Axero — intranet and employment experience platform

Axero helps to create internal network and will provide all necessary tools for efficient communication and collaboration of your team. With Axero you can create the knowledgebase with your corporate data and easily build the workplace culture. Both cloud and on-premise solutions are available with Axero. With self-hosted solution you will have more control over your data.

FileCloud — self-hosted file server

Use your own infrastructure and install FileCloud on it to store and share your corporate files securely. FileCloud is legally compliant with most international regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Even HTTP is encrypted with TLS/SSL to prevent eavesdropping and ensure that your data is always safe.

LogicalDOC — document management software

With LogicalDOC you will be able to automate your business processes, turn scanned documents into searchable full-text, enable advanced search and use electronic e-forms. You can install self-hosted version on your own infrastructure and access your corporate documents securely from any location and device.

Kasm Workspaces — secure platform that delivers browser, desktop and application workloads to the web browser

Access your desktop workspace from any location and any device. With self-hosted solution you can securely manage your Workspaces on your own server or on any cloud server of your choice. Web isolation technology makes the browsing outside the enterprise safe and protects against malware and ransomware attacks.

SpiraTeam — Agile project management tool

Project management platform that allows managing the entire lifecycle of a project. Your team members can easily create tasks, report bugs and synchronize everything with the whole team. You can set deadlines, create user stories and assign them to sprints. SpiraTeam will bring all team members together and will allow them to collaborate effectively in one secure workspace where everything is organized to make the software development process more efficient.

TeamViewer — remote access and control software

TeamViewer is known to be the one of the world's most trusted remote access and control software. It allows working from anywhere with full access to all your files. With TeamViewer it is possible to troubleshoot any issues remotely by providing a simple session link. There is no need for complicated configuration and software installation. Moreover, TeamViewer is focused on security and is protected by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, granular access management, device authorization and other industry-grade security features. Though it is not available as a self-hosted solution, it proved to be secure and reliable and is used by many organizations all over the globe to access their desktops remotely or to provide technical support.

TrueConf — self-hosted video conferencing software

True Conf was built to protect customers' privacy and give full control over information. This is secure and reliable platform for communication and video meetings. All communication is hosted on-premises with no access to third parties. All signaling data and client-server connections are secured with the latest version of TLS 1.3.

WeKan — an open-source Kanban board

Totally free self-hosted open-source Kanban board with MIT license. It allows creating and tracking tasks on a convenient Kanban board. By hosting the board on your server, you will ensure that all information is kept secure and protected.

All listed in this post collaboration tools will significantly facilitate the workflow of your team and will make the communication more secure. However, the most secure and convenient way to keep the internal data protected is to use one collaboration app which will contain all necessary functionality. Virola corporate messenger supports secure communication, allows sending and storing files of any size, sharing screen and getting remote control, running video meetings and tracking tasks on a task board. This is a powerful hosted on-premise app which will help to keep your corporate data protected.