Best business messaging apps for internal communication

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Business messaging apps help people to be more efficient and have their work done either remotely or in the office. It does not matter whether your team is remote, distributed or works in an office, internal communication requires one secure and reliable communication channel to keep all corporate information in one place without fear of data leakage or losses.

Thus, basic requirements for the business messaging app for internal communication are the following:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to make audio and video calls
  • Private and topic-based chats
  • User roles management
  • Reliability and data protection
  • Ability to keep chat history and share files
  • Task board and tasks monitoring tools
  • Screen sharing and remote control

All listed above features ensure smooth communication within an organization. In this blog post we will help you select best business app for internal communication within your organization.

Virola — best for distributed teams and project management

Initially created as an internal messaging app for a software development team Virola has all features that allow working either in agile environments. Task board with various filters and ability to create tasks and issues with a couple of clicks make Virola the best app for project management. It is quite simple to monitor progress, assign tasks, schedule events and run daily scrum meetings in Virola messaging app. Moreover, Virola is offered as a self-hosted collaboration platform and this allows organizations to take control over all information shared in chats.

Slack — best for instant messaging

Slack is a great communication platform for companies that wish to streamline their workflow and have little concerns about privacy, security and data control. Since Slack is a cloud-based platform, it cannot guarantee total control over the information shared in corporate chats despite all taken security measures and compliance certificates. Still, it has 10 million daily users and is one of the most popular communication platforms.

Microsoft Teams — best for companies using MS Office

It is very convenient to have MS Teams for internal communication in organizations using Microsoft 365 productivity apps. Microsoft Teams has everything for smooth collaboration, conferencing and internal chat communication. It can be used for educational organizations, online classes, healthcare, retail and other industries that use Microsoft ecosystem. — best for organizations that require custom implementation is offered on an open-source basis and thus can be easily scaled to fit your communication needs. If your organization has specific customization requirements, it may be easier to hire a developer and order the needed functionality. Such business messaging app is quite flexible, but such flexibility requires additional effort and expenses.

WebEx — best for video conferencing

WebEx is widely known as a video conferencing tool. However, along with exceptional video conferencing features, they offer everything your organization may need for smooth collaboration: text messages exchange, screen sharing, files storage and an ability to chat and make calls from any device.

Troopmessenger — best for organizations that require custom features development

Troopmessenger offers all features organizations need for smooth and efficient collaboration: group and private chats, video and audio calls, screen sharing and files storage. Both SaaS and on-premise solutions are available. For organizations that require additional features, custom app development services are provided.

Mattermost — best for integration with third party apps

Being one of the most widely known competitors of Slack, Mattermost has recently closed $20 million funding to develop integrations and plugins. By offering self-hosted solutions, Mattermost gives organizations an opportunity to take a complete control over their data. This makes Mattermost an ideal solution for businesses that have high concerns about privacy and data protection.

For seamless communication and effortless collaboration within your organization it is necessary to select the right business messaging app which fits all your needs and requirements: security, user-friendliness, integration opportunities and performance tracking. Clearly, there is much to consider when selecting the right messaging platform. However, the result will delight you and bring the internal communication within your organization to a new level.