5 main reasons why workplace team communication is important

Workplace team communication illustration
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Workplace team communication helps boost employee productivity, engagement and morale. At the same time, it is the key to efficient collaboration, especially for remote and distributed teams. Effective team communication in the workplace guarantees fast issue solving, minimum misunderstanding and high level of employee engagement. Moreover, it brings satisfaction and increases motivation.

Managers who build smooth and efficient communication bring both long- and short-term benefits to any organization. No matter whether employees are located in the same office, in different offices or work remotely, having reliable, secure and convenient communication channels significantly contributes to the company's success.

Before we start talking about the importance of team communication let's see what types of communication take place in a workplace:

  • Presentations
  • Meetings and brainstorms
  • Communication with customers
  • Communication with managers or upward communication
  • Information updates
  • Informal interactions

All these types of communication require different channels. However, Virola corporate messenger can provide everything to keep the corporate communication in one place. It is possible to make calls, create topic-based groups and post updates on company or department level, start group audio and video meetings, make presentations and chat with co-workers in private chat rooms. With help of Virola corporate messenger you can bring your team communication to a new level.

Let's see the ways team communication cascades down through the whole organization, how it impacts its bottom line and why it is important. Successful workplace team communication:

Builds trust and reduces employee turnover

No organization wants to waste costs on recruiting and training employees who leave quickly. However, this happens if there is lack of trust and proper communication. It is important to let employees easily get in touch with people in charge to share their concerns and get support or advice from co-workers.

On the other side, an ability to get in touch easily with the needed person within the organization makes it simpler to communicate and as a result increases trust and motivates employees to become loyal to the organization.

Boosts productivity

Your teamwork significantly relies on the effectiveness of your corporate business communication. Here are the main benefits of successful teamwork:

  • Decreases burnout and makes employees happier. The main reason for burnout is the stress when an employee has a lot of work to do but not enough time and resources. Efficient communication helps share the workload and as a result reduces chances of burnout and boosts productivity.
  • Helps team members grow professionally. Proper communication makes it possible for employees to learn while working on different projects, gather and analyze information and grow professionally.
  • Brings new ideas. An ability to quickly deliver information to people in charge significantly facilitates the process of bringing new ideas and suggestions.

Facilitates the process of sharing information

While interacting either with customers or with co-workers it is important to have a reliable and convenient tool for sharing both information and files. This significantly facilitates teamwork and makes the communication process simple and transparent.

Moreover, the faster employees get the needed information the better will be company's customer service quality and internal team collaboration. Virola corporate messenger allows storing files of any size and provides search among all messages and sent attachments. It makes it very easy to find the needed information and share it with a couple of clicks with other team members.

Helps solve problems

When team communication is smooth and does not face additional obstacles, it is very easy to solve problems by asking co-workers from your own or other departments. Corporatewide communication significantly streamlines the issue solving process and helps employees solve either their work-related or customer-related problems.

Increases motivation

It takes more time for employees with low job satisfaction to process tasks. Poor understanding of responsibilities and no proper training significantly reduce productivity. However, when employees have clear understanding of the work they have to do and how it impacts the success of the whole team, this increases the overall job satisfaction and motivation.

Over to you

No matter whether your company is big or small, it is important to create an environment for smooth team communication and collaboration on all levels. The faster everyone gets information, the better will be results.

Good communication means that employees are directly involved in the company's products and initiatives. It makes them integral part of your company and as a result they help improve company's profitability, customer service quality and brand.