How does Virola business messenger work in offline mode

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Today it is crucial to keep the right balance between work and private life. Many companies hire remote and distributed teams located in different corners of the world which means they work from different time zones. Due to this fact these teams communicate in corporate messenger round the clock. In some situations, such messages or calls can become extremely annoying during off hours or distract from important and urgent tasks. To make the working process more productive and efficient and prevent employees from being interrupted or contacted during off hours, Virola messenger has a wide range of network statuses which can help to stay productive during the day.

Let's see how these network statuses work and how to appear offline in Virola business messenger.

Network statuses in Virola

You can choose from five network statuses in Virola corporate messenger:

  • available
  • busy meeting
  • busy working
  • away
  • sleeping

To configure notifications for each network status, you need to follow Tools / Options / Notifications menu and modify the following settings to fit your needs:

  • enable/disable sound
  • adjust sound volume
  • enable/disable system tray notifications
  • enable/disable nudge notifications
  • upload custom sound files for notifications in different network statuses

Right after doing this, you can select network status depending on your activity. Busy working status will be assigned automatically each time you join the meeting. You can also activate idle detection and set Virola to switch to away status automatically in case of certain period of inactivity.

Why appearing offline is convenient in Virola?

Apart from available network statuses, you can completely switch Virola offline. In this case nothing will interrupt or disturb you during off hours. To turn the offline mode on you need to follow File menu and select Logout option. You can also select Logout by clicking on the network statuses selector next to your avatar.

While offline you can access all chat conversations and downloaded. For example, when you are on a plane and need to switch your device to airplane mode, Virola will give you access to all chat conversations history. If you use Virola messenger to keep your notes, then you will have full access to them.

What is the difference between Virola offline mode and other network statuses?

While offline, you are not connected to your Virola server and thus cannot see new messages, send messages, update tasks or download files. However, you can view past chat conversations and files which have already been downloaded. While you have other network statuses activated, you remain connected to the Virola server and thus can see all new updates, work with issues, download files, etc.

If you need uninterrupted focus, there is no need to log out completely. You just need to modify your network status settings. For example, for "Busy working" status you can disable sound and system tray notifications and keep only nudge notifications activated for urgent cases.

Network statuses in Virola corporate messenger help make your workflow more efficient and set clear expectations regarding your availability. Thus, spend some time and configure everything to fit your needs, activate or deactivate notifications, upload custom sound files or mute specific chat rooms. As a result, this will significantly improve collaboration and communication quality.