Need to remind about yourself? Use nudge!

Nudge is a great way to remind a person on another side that you are waiting for a response. When you send a nudge, the messenger window shakes, and a user gets sound and a visual notification in a system tray.

Nudges can be sent both in group and in private chats. To send a nudge you need to right click on a user avatar in a chat room right sidebar (or click options icon at the top right corner of the user avatar) and choose "Send nudge" from the drop-down list. After this a nudge will be sent to the user.

Nudge settings

For nudges you can activate the following notifications:

  • Window shaking
  • Sound alert
  • System tray notification

By default, all these options are active for all user statuses. However, you can configure these settings for different statuses, adjust alert volume and upload your custom sound for nudges in Virola Options -> Notifications tab -> Nudge Notification Options section which you can access through the top menu or by clicking a gear icon.

Why I cannot send a nudge?

  • You can send nudges only to users who are logged into Virola
  • A user muted notifications in the specific chat room and thus will not see and hear a nudge
  • Nudge notifications were disabled by a user in Virola notifications settings