Network Statuses

Let your team know if you are busy

Network statuses in self-hosted Virola messenger

You can select from 5 different network statuses

Busy Working
Busy Meeting

To update your network status, click the availability icon next to your avatar in the top left corner of the Virola screen.

Virola also supports the auto-away feature. Open the app settings via hamburger menu, choose "My Presence Status" section and you can have your status changed to "away" automatically when a certain condition is met, such as: "Show me Away when I'm inactive for X minutes", "Show me Away when screensaver is active" and/or "Show me Away when my computer is locked".

If you want to receive or stop the message alerts depending on your network status, open the app settings, "Notifications" section and mark or clear the checkbox enabling the 'New Message' sound alert for each of the network statuses. You can also have the sound alerts to be played only for urgent messages or messages with high or normal priority. For this, click the priority link and select the priority level from the drop-down menu.