Audio and Video conferencing

Run Daily Standups, Resolve Issues, Brainstorm Efficiently

Virola Messenger's voice and video conferencing features are crafted to create a comfortable and efficient environment for your remote team's online meetings. The voice meeting engine is seamlessly integrated into Virola app, so there's no need for additional conferencing software.

Voice meetings in self-hosted Virola messenger

You also have a flexibility to choose how you engage in meetings. You can decide whether you want to simply listen and speak to your colleagues, or also turn on your camera for a more personal interaction. Additionally, you have the option to view other participants' video streams or turn their video off which can be particularly useful if your internet connection is weak.

Virola audio and video conferencing provides a comprehensive space that integrates a variety of features for its users, all within a user-friendly layout. This includes a chat area, resizable live camera feeds from colleagues, and a list of chat rooms, all accessible from a single screen. Additionally, with Virola's workspace you can:

  • Schedule meetings or just enable your headphones to show that you are ready to talk.
  • Hold voice meetings in both private and group chat rooms.
  • See all ongoing meetings in Virola rooms list.
  • Join or leave any ongoing meeting with a click - no invitation needed.
  • Join meetings from any device, either desktop or mobile.
  • See who is just listening and who has the microphone on and is ready to start talking.
  • Share your screen for demonstration purposes.
  • Enable live avatar to create presence effect. View or hide other participants' live avatars.
  • Record meetings to save a conversation or share it with chat group participants.

While the icons for audio and video conferencing are prominently displayed and their functions are intuitive, we recommend reading our how-to guide to learn how to manage your online meetings more efficiently.