Noise Suppression

Enjoy high quality sound during voice meetings

Noise suppression is very important for audio calls. It helps to make them more efficient. Without noise suppression various issues like external sounds may spoil communication and reduce your team’s efficiency.

To activate noise suppression in Virola messenger, you need to check all settings in the Audio Processing tab.

  • Enable system processing option activates built into operating system tools for sound processing
  • Enable Acoustic Echo Cancellation option helps to remove echo. Virola uses echo cancellation (AEC) method to improve communication quality. This method prevents echo from being created or removes it
  • Enable Noise Suppression option increases signal / noise ratio in the audio signal
  • Enable Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is used to regulate the system output to a constant value, even if the input audio signal decreases or increases
VoIP settings in Virola Client

Audio Encoder

To deactivate some processes during non-speech section of an audio session voice activity detection (VAD) method is used. It prevents unnecessary transmission of silence packets and helps to save on network bandwidth. By default, the transmitted audio is compressed tenfold. This allows sending maximal data volume with minimal losses.

Audio encoder settings in Virola Client

Opus codec is used in Virola as VoIP codec. It is one of most popular ones and is used in WhatsApp and Discord messengers. By enabling "Forward error correction" option you will let the codec restore lost packages.

Jitter buffer

A jitter buffer helps to improve the quality of voice calls. It is a shared data area where audio data is temporarily collected and stored during a VoIP call before being sent to a recipient. You can either reduce or increase the jitter buffer. In general, a jitter buffer should add a buffer of between 20 milliseconds and 60 milliseconds. The larger the buffer, the more latency is introduced into the call. As a result, this can affect the user’s experience.

You need to use jitter buffer if there is poor Wi-Fi signal or multiple users and devices use the same network connection.