Screen sharing

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Screen sharing in self-hosted Virola messenger

With help of screen sharing feature you can better explain the issue, demonstrate new features or just show what you are working on at the moment. Virola screen sharing feature allows:

  • Start screen sharing and stop screen sharing in any private room or topic-based group
  • Share the whole screen or select the area to share
  • Select the quality for screen sharing

Several group participants can enable screen sharing concurrently. Each screen will be displayed as a separate tab in the group chat room.

Screen sharing session can be combined with a voice meeting.

Screen sharing options

For more efficient and productive screen sharing sessions you can customize the look and feel of the cursor and highlight spot you see when meeting participants share their screens. This way you will be able to adjust the screen sharing sessions appearance to your needs, either you want to see a bright cursor drawing attention to the items pointed during the session, or to make the cursor look less obtrusive.

You can access these settings from the "Options" menu and update cursor size and highlight spot color, size and opacity depending on your requirements.

Examples of cursor settings in screen sharing options

Video tutorial

Learn more about screen sharing and remote control from our video

Please note that some toolbars and icons in this tutorial may differ a bit from the current Virola Client as we constantly improve its functionality and UI.