Screen sharing best practices

How to start sharing your screen

To share your screen with chat room participants

  • Click the Share Screen icon at the right of the room toolbar. A blue sharing area frame will appear.
  • Adjust the sharing area frame size and position.
  • Click 'Share' button at the top right corner of the frame. The frame will be lit in red and screen sharing will start.
How to enable screen sharing in Virola

The chat room participants can view the shared screen in a separate tab added at the top of the chat room named i.e. "John's Screen".

Image of dragging and dropping file into the chat room

How to choose sharing quality

How to choose screen sharing quality

Click the hamburger button at the top right corner of the sharing frame and select from Highest, High, Medium, Low or Lowest Quality in which your screen will be broadcast.

Note! The better quality you choose, the more traffic will be generated by screen sharing tool.

Screen sharing etiquette

Share only the area you need to show. This will decrease traffic and your co-workers with smaller screens won't need to scroll the shared area.

If you need to share the whole screen, close unnecessary apps and clean up your desktop.

Disable notifications. They are distracting and your private data can be shared accidentally.

Learn more about screen sharing and remote control from our video

Please note that some toolbars and icons in this tutorial may differ a bit from the current Virola Client as we constantly improve its functionality and UI.

Learn more about screen sharing in Virola