Why use a private chat server?

Protect your corporate data and improve team collaboration

When talking about corporate communication software, we always mean a tool where a lot of sensitive information is shared. Business plans, passwords, private URLs, your customers' details… Such private data going public might turn into a nightmare.

Despite this, people often trust this kind of information to third-party cloud services and hope for the best. But the truth is none of third-party services can be 100% safe. Things happen.

The only reliable way to secure your sensitive data is to store it inside your company. This way you’ll have full control over the data storage and full responsibility for keeping it safe. Self-hosted Virola server was created with corporate data security in mind.

We composed a number of the self-hosted server installation instructions for different operating systems: Windows, macOS, various Linux distros. Following the instructions you'll be able to run your server as a daemon or in docker container on Linux, make it accessible in your local network or publicly.

Private chat server configuration image