Why use a cloud chat server?

Instant launch, perfect for software evaluation

Cloud chat server configuration image

By using the cloud version of Virola Server you do not need to worry about the server installation, renting or maintenance from your side. Virola Cloud allows registering a server and connecting Virola client right away. It will take a couple of minutes to set corporate messenger up and running.

Starting June 19, 2023 Virola Cloud is using Virola Server version 2.x

Who can use Virola cloud?

Virola cloud is for those users who do not need a self-hosted corporate messenger and prefer using cloud solutions for their business needs. In addition, it is the best way to test Virola corporate messenger and to see if it fits your business needs. In case you decide to switch later to a self-hosted version, our team will provide the ability to migrate your database with user profiles, conversations and attachments to your new server. To be more specific, here are the main reasons for using Virola Cloud:

  • You want to try Virola corporate messenger features and to play with settings to see if it fits your business needs;
  • You have no skills and knowledge required to install a self-hosted Virola server;
  • You don't have on-premise infrastructure;
  • You don't want to rent a virtual server for hosting Virola server;
  • You prefer using cloud solutions and think they are safer and more convenient than self-hosted ones.

What are the benefits of Virola 2

We have recently migrated our Virola Cloud to Virola 2 version. With the release of Virola 2 version, Virola Cloud became faster as memory and processor resources consumption has been optimized. At the same time, Virola 2 client apps offer a wide range of new features, such as:

  • Support of mentions in chats
  • An ability to reply to chat messages and add reactions with emoticons
  • Higher quality of video transmitted during your video meetings
  • Optimized list of meeting participants
  • Improved screen sharing usability
  • New messages' attachments preview
  • Various UI and internal improvements and optimizations

How to start using Virola Cloud

If you would like to see Virola corporate messenger in action, try Virola Cloud server to see how it works. To start using Virola cloud messenger you need to:

  1. Follow Create Cloud Server page
  2. Enter your desired Virola server name, email address and choose password there
  3. Click "Create could server" button
  4. Download Virola client app
  5. Start it
  6. Log into Virola client using your server name (the one you registered on Step 2), port 443 and admin/admin as your login and password
  7. Check test chat rooms to see how Virola corporate messenger works
  8. Update your admin password and start creating user profiles
  9. Provide your users their credentials
    • your Virola server name (the one you registered on Step 2)
    • your Virola server port - 443 for all cloud servers
    • user name
    • and user password (the ones you created on Step 8)
    to log into Virola client installed on their computers or mobile devices