New Message Notifications

Stay tuned

While communicating with co-workers it is important not to miss anything and reply messages in time. However, you can get distracted or busy with other work. In such situations sound and visual notifications will help you keep track of the conversation and get alerts about new messages.

On the other hand, there are situations when notifications beeping and blinking can be annoying or even inappropriate.

In Virola Messenger we handled both situations. With our configurable notifications you won't miss any important message and won't be excessively disturbed.

How new message notifications work in Virola

By default, both sound and visual notifications are activated for all new messages. This means that when a new message comes, you

  • hear a "beep" if your computer sound is on
  • see the message preview in a corner of your screen
  • and also see the number of new messages blinking in the system tray icon

The message is considered new if it has been just sent, updated, or when the message attachment was added or removed.

New message notifications

Tray icon indicator

The less intrusive notification is the new messages indicator displayed in the tray icon. The indicator shows the total number of new messages in all opened application profiles, even in offline ones.

You can disable the indicator blinking or totally deactivate it in Virola Options -> General tab.

Tray icon notification settings

Sound notifications

Notification sound is the same for both private and group chat rooms. You can disable sound notifications for specific statuses, for example, when your status is "Busy meeting" or "Sleeping". You can also change the notification sound volume if necessary.

Custom sound

If you are not satisfied with the default Virola notification sound, you can upload your custom sound file instead of the standard one. Your custom sound file should have .WAV format.

You can manage sound notifications in Virola Options -> Notifications tab -> New Text Message Notifications Options section.

Sound notification settings

System Tray notifications

By default, system tray notifications appear at the right bottom corner and contain preview of the message sent in chat. Click on the notification brings you to the chat room with the new message. You can disable tray notifications for specific statuses if they bother you. Additionally, it is possible to change the notification position and duration which is by default set to 15 seconds.

You can change tray notifications' visibility in Virola Options -> Notifications tab -> New Text Message Notifications Options section.

And the tray notifications' position and duration can be set in Virola Options -> Notifications tab -> Notifications Corner & Duration section.

Tray notification settings

Mute notifications per chat room

Besides notifications deactivation for specific statuses, you can mute them for selected chat rooms. For example, you would like not to receive notifications for some topic-based chats. To mute all notifications for that chat room, you need to right click on that room and select "Mute notifications" option. This way, both sound alerts and tray notifications will be deactivated for the chat room. However, the tray icon indicator will continue working for this room.

How to mute notifications per room