Windows server

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Windows server

How to install Virola server on Windows server


1.First of all you need to download and install Virola for Windows server

2.Create a directory for Virola data storage.

3.Launch terminal with "cmd" command: press Windows +R keys combination and type cmd in the search field

4.With help of cd command switch to the directory where Virola server was installed

5.Run Virola server:

 virola_server_app.exe --listen-host --listen-port 7777 --storage-dir C:\Folder Name\Virola

 where C:\Folder Name\Virola - the path to the directory you created on the Step 2, - IP of the chosen for Virola server,

 7777 - port number

6.Leave command prompt open

7.By default login details to Virola Client will be admin / admin. You can change them in the Virola client settings


Example of running Virola server

Example of running Virola server