About Virola

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About Virola

About Virola Messenger


Virola corporate messenger was created by Provide Support, LLC software developing company in 2019. The main purpose of this product is to give teams all over the world an ability to safely communicate during their working process, host all information on their servers or on secure cloud servers and never worry and their data safety. Virola tool allows teams to communicate remotely and create transparent working environment. It makes communication experience safe, convenient and pleasant.


Insider Program


Virola corporate messenger is available as part of Virola Insider Program which allows people get access to experimental pre-release versions of Virola corporate messenger.


Virola Messenger Interface


Virola corporate messenger has the following look:


Virola corporate messenger

Virola corporate messenger


1.Virola mobile interface

2.App menu, where you can access configuration settings, activate camera shots and open burger menu with basic functionality

3.Chats menu where you can change mode, open task board, run search in chats, open recent chats history and schedule a meeting

4.Avatar which can be uploaded either by an account admin or by a user in a user profile

5.User status

6.Live avatar icon, which indicates whether live avatar mode is enabled or disabled

7.Options menu which you can use to tune your Virola client settings

8.Burger menu which gives access to basic functionality

9.Chat-rooms list

10.Chat-room participants list

11.Chat history

12.Text input area

13.Conversation toolbar, which allows enabling / disabling headphones (listening) and microphone (talking), sharing files, enabling / disabling video stream and video watching, audio recording of the meeting

14.Icons indicating what a user is doing: listening, talking, streaming video or watching

15.Sound quality indicators available for headphones and microphone, indicating whether they work or now



Available features


Group chats

Private chat-rooms

User permissions

Timeless files storage

Timeless chat history

Screen sharing

Voice chats

Meetings scheduling

Meetings recording

Video and live avatars

Issues tracking

Assigning tasks

Task board

High level of security

User statuses

Chat rooms grouping

Text formatting

Creating tasks from messages

Synchronization with mobile devices

AD/LDAP integration


System Requirements


RAM: 32 MB for installation + 1 МБ additionally for each Virola user

Disk space: 2 MB for each Virola user + the total volume of all attachments