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Cloud server



Cloud server allows you to set collaboration environment for your team within a couple of minutes. When you choose Virola Cloud, all data will be stored on our servers and you will not need to worry about server maintenance, invest in hardware and in resources for server functionality support, we will take care of everything from our side. To create the workspace for your team in Virola cloud you need to:


How to register Virola cloud server

How to register Virola cloud server


1.In the "Server name" field define your preferred server name

2.Add your valid email address. We will use it to send you important notifications and useful instructions

3.Specify the admin password which you will use to log into your admin account

4.Click "Create cloud server" button to proceed with Virola server creation.


Benefits of using Virola Cloud:


Timeless data storage

No need to worry about server maintenance

No costs for supporting server stability, we will take care of it

No need to invest in hardware

Quick and easy installation

24/7 customer service


How to restore cloud server access


To restore access to the cloud account you need to:


1.Restore access to the cloud server by clicking "Restore cloud server access" button at the website page footer or follow link

2.Enter server name or email address which was used to register an account


Restoring access to cloud server

Restoring access to cloud server


3.Click "Get account requisites" button

4.On the appeared page you will see chat server address and user name details. If you need to restore your account password click "Forgot your cloud server admin password?" link


Virola cloud account details

Virola cloud account details


5.To receive admin password reset email enter the email address you used to register your Virola cloud server account and click "Send password reset email"


Admin password reset

Admin password reset


6.Follow instructions provided in the admin password reset email.



Virola Cloud Server Installation