Linux server

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Linux server

Linux installation


Instructions for installing Virola server on Linux server are available here

When launching Virola server in a docker container, IP address of the host is used. If you want other computers with Virola client to connect to the Virola server within one network, then the private IP address of the computer where Virola server is installed should be used. To use a public IP additional actions should be performed, please read more about networking here.


How to install Virola server on Ubuntu


1.Download the Virola server installation package:





 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get upgrade
 sudo apt --yes --fix-broken install <INSTALLATION_PACKAGE_PATH>

3.Run Virola server under virola user rights:
  virola-server --listen HOST:PORT

4.On the first launch, the server will create an "admin" user with the "admin" password and admin rights


How to install Virola on Linux server