Chat messages formats

Make your messages look perfect

For all messages sent in Virola plain text format is used by default. However, you can also select Markdown, HTML and Code format for your messages. What's the difference between these formats and why it may be convenient and appropriately you use them. Lets try to find out.

Plain text format

Plain text format. This format is used in chat messages and passes simple text typed in a text input area. In fact, no special formatting or decorations are needed for chat messages, Thus, let's keep it simple and send the text as is.

Example of a message in plain text format

Markdown messages format

However, if you need to post an issue and provide its detailed description, we recommend using Markdown format. Markdown is a simple markup language that uses basic formatting syntax. With help of Markdown you can create lists, headers, paragraphs and apply text formatting. Such formatting makes your message text clearer and more readable. With help of Markdown you can create messages and draw attention of other chat participants to them.

Example of a message in markdown format

HTML messages format

You can use HTML format to create messages that look like traditional documents, with various fonts, colors, lists, pictures, or embedded forms. HTML is more complicated than Markdown, but if you want to go extra mile and apply various formatting to your message, then this format is the right one to use.

Example of a message in HTML format

Code message format

If you want to share a program/HTML code with your co-workers developers, select Code format. It converts a text you type into a readable code, which is displayed with line numbers and is convenient to read through.

Example of a message in code format

How to choose message format

To enable a format for your message you need to do the following:

  1. In the toolbar which is located in the right corner above the text input area click "Plain" link
  2. In the appeared list select the format you want to use
  3. Type your message and send

You can change the message format while creating a new message or when editing an existing one.

Screenshot of message format dropdown control