Chat rooms organizing

Keep the chaos under control

In a big organization with many ongoing projects you may have dozens of chat rooms - private rooms with your co-workers and managers, group rooms with different teams dedicated to different projects and areas of activity, global company rooms.

It may be hard to keep track of all the important conversations and discussions, especially when you are involved in several projects or in a company management.

To help you keep the chaos under control we added a possibility to distribute chat rooms between several groups and organize your chat rooms list.

Keeping the most important rooms at hand

Any chat room, private or group, can be pinned to the top of the chat rooms list. To pin the chat room you need to:

  1. Right click on it
  2. Select "Pin chat room" option from the drop-down list

The room will automatically move to the "Pinned" group at the top of the chat rooms list.

You can pin as many rooms as you need. However, we recommend not to overuse this feature as big amount of pinned rooms may compromise its efficiency.

Hiding abandoned rooms

When a project is over, its room becomes abandoned. However, it may contain important information about the project and many useful artefacts. So it's good to keep it but hide from the list of active rooms. The same applies to private rooms with co-workers that have left the company.

The solution is to archive the room. Archived rooms are automatically moved to "Archived" group at the bottom of the chat rooms list.

To archive the chat room you need to:

  1. Right click on it
  2. Select "Archive chat room" option from the drop-down list

Hot topics

The second group from the top of the chat rooms list is "Recent". It contains 10 chat rooms, both private and group, with the most recent messages.

When a message comes, the room automatically moves to the top of the "Recent" group, unless it's already in the "Pinned" or "Archived" group.

Please note that a message is considered new not only after it has been sent initially but also after being edited or if an attachment has been added or removed. So you may witness a situation when a room with an older message is higher in the "Recent" group than a room with a newer message.

Other groups

Besides "Pinned", "Archived" and "Recent" groups, separate groups for private and group chat rooms are available. So all the groups appear in the following order:

  1. Pinned - chat rooms which were pinned to the top
  2. Recent - 10 chat rooms with most recent messages
  3. Private - all other private chat rooms
  4. Meeting - all other group chat rooms
  5. Archived - chat rooms which were archived

Please note that a room can stay in one group only. So if you pinned the room or the room jumped to "Recent" group, you won't be able to find it in "Private" or "Meeting" groups.