Live avatars

Create presence effect during meetings

Live avatars in Virola Messenger

Live avatars is a cool and unique feature by Virola, which helps to create a feeling of live presence, sort of, as if you are working in an office. If you make your avatar live, other team members can recognize your movements and emotions and the whole team will feel more connected.

Live avatar feature works in two modes:

  • animated avatar created with periodic camera shots - use this mode to let your co-workers know if you are at the desk
  • live video streaming - use this mode during conference calls to let your co-workers see your reactions and emotions in real-time
How to enable live avatar with periodic camera shots

To enable animated avatar mode, just click the 'photo camera' icon at the right of your system status indicator. Your avatar will be automatically replaced with periodic shots from your camera in all chat rooms for all your contacts, and the 'photo camera' icon will be highlighted to remind you that your camera is taking pictures.

If you need to step out and take a break, you can always disable animated avatar mode by clicking the highlighted 'photo camera' icon. The team will see just your usual static avatar.

You can adjust the shots frequency and quality in the Virola options, Live Presence section. You can also enable or disable animated avatar mode there.

How to enable video streaming

To enable live video streaming mode, click the 'video camera' icon in the chat room toolbar. The room participants will see an indicator on your avatar and will be able to start watching the video stream.

To disable live video streaming mode just click the 'video camera' icon in the chat room toolbar once again.

Live stream indicators are visible to the particular room participants only and live video avatars are not visible by default. Click the 'eye' icon in the chat room toolbar to start watching live streams from the room participants.

If you don't want to watch video streams, click the 'eye' icon in the chat room toolbar once again.

How to watch video stream