Remote control

Remote control in Virola Corporate Messenger

With Virola corporate messenger users can take over screens of other users with help of the remote control feature. If you need to help your co-worker, fix something or provide visual demonstration you can ask your co-worker to share the screen and activate the remote control. To activate the remote control you need to do the following:

  • Click the "Share screen" icon
  • Select the area you would like to offer the control over
  • If you are in a group chat, select the user you would like to give the access to your screen
  • Click "Give Remote Control" icon
  • When the remote control is active, the frame around the shared area becomes pink
  • To stop the remote control you need to click "Stop" icon in the remote control window toolbar

With an ability to take over other users' screens it is possible to:

  • Easily fix different issues
  • Provide visual demonstrations
  • Train new users
  • Help co-workers

Learn more about remote control and screen sharing from our video

Please note that some icons and toolbars in this video are different from the current Virola Client as we constantly improve its functionality and UI.