Single-view or split-view mode

Taylor your messenger layout

There are two popular ways to arrange list of chats and chat conversations in messaging applications: single-view mode and split-view mode. Virola Messenger supports both. It is very convenient when you can select the view you've grown accustomed to while using other messaging apps.

To switch between modes use Virola client app Main Menu / View.

Single-view mode

In single-view mode, contacts and chat conversations are displayed in one window. You can switch between chat conversations and see one conversation at a time.

Screenshot of Virola client app in single-view mode

Pros of single-view mode

  • All conversations are kept in one place, avoiding chaotic switching between numerous chat windows
  • Convenient to use if you have limited screen space

Cons of single-view mode

  • You cannot track several conversations concurrently
  • It may be inconvenient to constantly switch back and forth between chats when you have multiple active conversations
  • There's a risk of sending a message to the wrong chat room
  • If you have a large screen or multiple monitors, you may find that a single-view mode wastes space

Split-view mode

In split-view mode, your contact list is opened in one window, and each conversation is opened in a separate window. You can open as many conversation windows as you need.

Screenshot of Virola client app in split-view mode

Pros of split-view mode

  • With split-view mode, you can create a personalized chatting experience
  • Makes it easier to participate in several active conversations
  • There are fewer chances of sending a message to the wrong chat room
  • If you have enough screen space, you can arrange conversation windows so that you have all important chats at hand

Cons of a split-view mode

  • It can be challenging to keep track of multiple conversation windows
  • If your screen is not big enough, having many separate windows open may be inconvenient

The choice between view modes comes down to personal preferences and the number of conversations you have.