Virola self-hosted server installation on macOS

  1. Download Virola server for macOS installation package and install it
  2. Locate the installed application in Finder
  3. Right-click the application and select "Show Package Contents"
  4. Locate the executable file. It is called VirolaServer and is located in MacOS folder
  5. Follow Utilities and open Terminal
  6. Drag the VirolaServer file to the Terminal command line
  7. Decide which host and port will be used for the server
  8. Add the following parameters to the executable file path
    --listen HOST:PORT
    • HOST is the IP you've chosen for the Virola server
    • PORT is the port you've chosen for the Virola server
  9. Execute the command to run the server
  10. Leave Terminal open

Login details to Virola Client will be the following:

You can change user name and password in the Virola client settings