How to migrate from Virola Messenger 1.x to Virola Messenger 2.x

Virola Messenger version 1.x is not supported and developed anymore.

If you still have Virola Server or Virola Client app version 1.x installed, you should upgrade to version 2.x to continue using Virola.

How to upgrade to Virola 2.x?

To switch to Virola 2.x, you need to upgrade both your server and client applications, as there is no backward compatibility with version 1.x.

  1. Stop your existing Virola server
  2. Backup your existing database. It's stored in the file named virola_server_database_v8.db
  3. Download Virola Server 2.x and install it
  4. Run the upgraded server with the same parameters - it will find your existing database and automatically convert to the new format (virola_server_database_v9.db)
  5. Download and install Virola Client 2.x
  6. Run the upgraded client - it will connect to the new server using existing login credentials
  7. Optional. Remove the old database file. But make sure to keep the backup!

Possible issues