Virola self-hosted server installation on Alma Linux and Rocky Linux

We tested this instruction on freshly installed Alma Linux 8, 9 and Rocky Linux 8, 9

  1. Download the Virola server installation package
    dnf install -y
  2. Open TCP and UDP ports in firewall
    firewall-cmd --add-port 7777/tcp --add-port 7777/udp --permanent
    Where 7777 — TCP and UDP ports on which the Virola server will listen. Can be any valid port number (from 1 to 65535), but must be the same for both TCP and UDP protocols.
  3. Run Virola server
    virola-server --listen *:7777
    Where * — (asterisk) means that the Virola server will listen on all available IP addresses. Or you can set the specific IP address explicitly, for example virola-server --listen

Note: On first launch, the server will create an admin user with the admin password and administrator rights. Please change the default admin password as soon as possible to a more secure one.

You can change user password from the Virola client. You can also change password of an existing user using the --change-password command line argument of the Virola server.

We strongly recommend to encrypt Linux machine on which Virola server is running. The best way is to encrypt it during Linux installation but it is also possible to encrypt the existing Linux instance. We've prepared a detailed instruction about disc encryption in Linux environment for you.