How to install self-hosted Virola Server on macOS

  1. Download Virola server installation package for macOS and install it
  2. Use Finder to locate the installed VirolaServer application
  3. Open the application context menu (Ctrl+click or right click) and select "Show Package Contents" there
  4. Locate the executable VirolaServer file inside the package. It is stored in Contents / MacOS directory
  5. Open Terminal
  6. Drag and drop the executable VirolaServer file to the Terminal - the file path will appear in the command line
  7. Choose host and port your server will be running on
  8. Add host and port to the file path in Terminal, after a space. Use the following format:
    --listen HOST:PORT
    • HOST - IP address you've chosen for your Virola server
    • PORT - port you've chosen for the your Virola server
    /Applications/ --listen
  9. Run the server by executing the command in Terminal (just press Enter there)
  10. Keep Terminal open

Now you can login to Virola Client as the default 'admin' user. Your login credentials are the following:

If you wish to change your user name and password, you can do this via Virola Client 'hamburger' menu / My User Profile.