Virola self-hosted server installation on Windows

  1. Download Virola server for Windows installation package and install it
  2. Create a directory for Virola database
  3. Launch Command Prompt. To find it click Start button and type "cmd" in the search box
  4. In Command Prompt with help of "cd" command navigate to the directory where Virola server was installed
  5. Decide which host and port will be used for the server
  6. Run the server with the following command:
    virola_server_app.exe --listen HOST:PORT --storage-dir virola-database-directory
    • HOST is the IP you've chosen for the Virola server
    • PORT is the port you've chosen for the Virola server
    • virola-database-directory is the absolute path to the directory you created on the step 2
    virola_server_app.exe --listen --storage-dir C:\Virola\Server
  7. Leave Command Prompt open

Login details to Virola Client will be the following:

You can change user name and password in the Virola client settings

We strongly recommend to encrypt your Windows machine on which Virola server is running. Modern Windows operating systems have embedded encryption functionality - both device encryption and BitLocker encryption tool. We've prepared a detailed instruction about encryption on Windows for you.