What is the best government messaging software

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Any organization that has access to customer data should take care of the data privacy and comply with data protection policies. Especially this is important for government organizations, where people come with various queries and ask for different kinds of assistance, and which have access to citizens' data in different state registers. Secure messenger app for government organization is a must today. However, it is not easy to find the right government messaging software which will meet all requirements for the secure communication.

It is a known fact that personal messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Skype collect information about their users and are partners of National Security Agency. Thus, for government organization it is important to keep all data safe on their own servers. For this purpose, the best secure messenger app will be a hosted on-premises one.

Government messaging software requirements

The main requirement for the secure messenger is an ability to host it on-premises and keep all information protected. In addition, there should be various features which will make the communication process both smooth and convenient:

  • Ability to work in internal network of the government organization
  • Ability to connect different departments and offices together
  • Unlimited files and chat history storage
  • Real-time collaboration support - private and group chats, audio and video conferences
  • Permissions-based user roles
  • Data security and integrity

With help of secure government messaging solution your organization will get rid of confidential information leakage and will have all communication in one tool. Virola corporate messenger can be the right choice to make the communication and collaboration within the government organization efficient and smooth. It will keep your employees connected, engaged, and informed with help of group and private chats or calls.

No matter whether your government organization or large or small, local or federal, it is important to avoid using mainstream instant messengers and keep all communication in one secure messaging app.

How to deploy self-hosted secure messenger

It is very easy to start using Virola corporate messenger. You need to deploy it on your server - either Linux-, macOS- or Windows-based - and then install Virola client where you will be able to create and manage users. At the same time users can have Virola installed on their desktops and / or mobile devices. Virola corporate messenger will help your government organization:

  • Make inter-departments communication smooth and efficient: employees can be grouped in topic-based chats where they can share information for faster processing
  • Have total control over information shared in chats: Virola is self-hosted, so all information and files shared in chats will be stored securely on your dedicated server
  • Create, track and manage tasks on the Task board: all employees can create tasks and assign them to their co-workers who are in their or other departments
  • Schedule meetings and conference calls: with built-in meetings tool, users can create and schedule meetings for conference calls in private and group chats
  • Get advanced level of communication and collaboration facilities: with help of audio and video calls, nudges, task board and other important for effective collaboration features Virola will bring your communication to a new level
  • Create totally independent internal communication: an organization can have a secure government messenger, which can work in an internal network without access to the Internet
  • Set user permissions and make group and private chats accessible only to authorized people: to maintain high security level, admin can set permissions and allow only specific employees of the government organization access group or private chats

Virola collaboration tool was created with security in mind. In modern world it is very easy to make private public and unintentionally give unauthorized access to confidential data. Taking these risks into account, our development team created the secure messenger which will make your communication not only safe but will also provide the advanced communication and collaboration features to your teams.

Virola collaboration tool can become the right government messaging software for your organization and will connect your offices and departments together avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and data losses.