How to use instant business messenger for real estate

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Real estate agencies often face various challenges with communication when they get contacted by property sellers or landlords who want to sell or let their property. Both property selling and letting processes require much attention and documents exchange between parties. When communication takes place in one instant messenger for real estate, all pictures and documents together with conversation history stay available to all chat participants. It makes it possible to facilitate the communication process, avoid misunderstanding and improve the overall customer service level.

In this article we will describe how to use instant business messenger for real estate, talk about the features which can help agents to improve property selling or letting processes and facilitate communication with sellers and landlords.

Why real estate agency needs an instant business messenger

While it is easy and convenient to communicate with people who want to purchase or rent property through live chat for website, such communication channel will not work well for sellers and landlords. They expect to have their property sold or let within shortest period of time and to make the communication efficient and keep all information in one place it is necessary to use the software which supports the following functionality:

  • Permanent storage of conversations history which can be assessed by both parties at any time.
  • Files exchange to keep all important information about the property at fingertips.
  • Secure communication channel so that parties could send not only property images and videos, but also exchange legal documents.
  • Customizable permission roles so that real estate agents could create topic-based chats for different categories of property sellers and landlords.
  • Voice and audio meetings to make quick private calls or schedule group conferences

Smooth and convenient communication between real estate agencies and property sellers guarantees fast closing of deals and excellent reputation.

Enhance your communication with sellers and landlords with help of Virola

Let's see how Virola instant business messenger can help real estate agents to make their communication with sellers and landlords more efficient:

  • Real estate agencies can create property for sale channels where they can invite property sellers from specific area as chat participants.
  • The same can be done with landlords who can be invited to property for rent channels for specific area.
  • In private chats with real estate agents property sellers and landlords can upload documents, such as videos, brochures and legal contracts.
  • Conversations archive with full access to the whole data exchange helps to quickly find all needed information or documents in chat instead of asking repeated questions.
  • Meetings scheduler will help to create a meeting reminder right in chat conversation with a property seller or landlord.
  • Unlimited size of transferred files allows exchanging video files and store them in chat conversation.
  • Audio and video chats functionality can replace phone calls as it is more convenient to join a conversation through instant business messenger which can be installed both on a mobile device and desktop computer.

For real estate agencies it is important to offer excellent service not only to people who want to buy or rent property but also to those ones who sell it and let. These categories of customers require different communication approach. Instant business messenger for real estate agencies will help to develop this unique approach and make the communication experience smooth and efficient.