Reliable messaging platform for software development

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Reliable messaging platform is the main requirement for efficient communication in any software development company. No matter whether the company is big or small, it is important to have a secure and reliable corporate messenger for internal communication.

However, before we start talking about messaging apps, let us find out why your software development company needs a reliable self-hosted messaging platform:

  • Secure data storage on a company's server
  • Seamless communication in private and topic-based chat rooms
  • Keeping all information in one place
  • Unlimited files and data storage
  • Possibility to start video and audio chats with a couple of clicks in any chat room
  • Sending code snippets without fear of data leakage
  • Communication both among team members and with clients from one tool

It is possible to write an endless list of requirements to the messaging platform in software development business. However, while choosing the messaging app, it is important to take all requirements into account to find the best solution to meet all of them.

Most important messaging app features

With remote work becoming commonplace, the number of messaging apps has multiplied. However, not all of them will meet the needs of an average software development company.

Thus, let us list the features software engineers need for seamless collaboration:

  • Private and group chats for text communication
  • Topic-based chats
  • Video conferencing for private calls and group meetings
  • Task board for issues tracking
  • Issues filtering and tasks assigning
  • Tasks type and priority settings
  • Possibility to send code snippets for sharing experience and asking questions
  • Self-hosted solution to keep corporate data secure
  • Unlimited chat history and files storage
  • Convenient and intuitive search in chat history and attachment names to locate the necessary information
  • Screen sharing and remote control for projects presentations and troubleshooting

Create your Scrum environment with Virola corporate messenger

Besides an ability to send code snippets and create tasks, it is important to have a possibility to monitor and filter tasks on a convenient task board. This allows creating a Scrum environment for efficient collaboration within a team and with customers. Virola corporate messenger is not just a communication software, it's a comprehensive messaging platform which allows software engineers to create a Scrum environment for efficient collaboration.

Virola corporate messenger has a wide range of features your software engineers will love:

  • User roles feature allows creating topic-based chats for different projects and inviting there clients who will have access only to specific chat rooms;
  • Task board is an integral part of any efficient Scrum environment and can be used for issues tracking, filtering, assigning and progress monitoring;
  • Issues, tasks and bug reports can be created from regular chat messages right from their context menu or when editing the message in the text input area;
  • Priority can be set for different types of issues to highlight the most critical ones;
  • Screen sharing helps to make project presentations to clients as well as train junior software engineers;
  • Message text formatting supports four types for messages: plain text, markdown, code and HTML. This way developers can easily share code or send messages using markdown formatting;
  • Remote control helps to troubleshoot issues and provide technical support with a product;
  • Meetings scheduler allows creating meeting reminders in different chat rooms to inform all participants about an upcoming event;
  • Video and audio conferences can be started in any chat room with a couple of clicks;
  • Live avatars create a feeling of live presence and build a stronger connection between team members;
  • Presence status shows if a person is busy in a meeting, away from the computer or working;
  • With file sharing it is possible to attach files of any size to any issue, paste them from clipboard and store unlimited time;

Virola corporate messenger can be used as alternative to a separate Scrum board, bug tracking system and TeamViewer. It's a powerful tool which provides all necessary features for productive collaboration of your software engineers. It also helps to create a Scrum environment without using third party tools. A possibility to have everything in one tool is one of the greatest advantages of Virola as a messaging platform for software development industry.