Secure messenger for your consulting business

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Customer privacy and data protection are highly important for modern businesses today. Especially if they provide consulting services of different types. No matter whether you help with apartment design or provide anonymous psychological help, your customers want to be sure that their conversations will never leak and the information they share will stay protected. The best solution will be to use a secure messenger for your corporate communication needs.

How to choose a secure messenger

When choosing a communication tool for your business, you need to pay attention to the following facts:

  • Can it be hosted on premise?
  • Does it work via encrypted connection?
  • Are any third-party services involved?

Virola is the right secure tool, which is hosted on premise, supports encryption, and uses third-party services provided by Google and Apple only for sending push notifications to Android and iOS apps.

Top corporate messenger features for the consulting business

For any consulting business it is important not only to preserve customer privacy but also to organize smooth customer service workflow. When selecting a messenger, you need to pay attention to the corporate features it possesses. Your customer service team should have everything in one place for efficient and smooth workflow. Moreover, it is important to keep both conversations history and files they share accessible at any time. So, what will your consulting team need?

  • Ability to create both private chats with customers and group chats with co-workers
  • Flexible permissions settings which will define admin, moderator and user roles with specific restrictions
  • Ability to run video and voice meetings
  • Unlimited chat history and files storage
  • Possibility to use a messenger both for customers consulting and internal communication
  • Task board for tasks assigning and distribution
  • Possibility to keep user anonymity

5 tips to organize consulting workflow with help of Virola corporate messenger

Virola can be the best tool for providing consulting services. It can be used both by your employees for internal communication and for consulting customers who come to ask for advice. Here are main recommendations for using Virola for consulting:

  1. With help of permissions, you can restrict ordinary users from seeing other Virola users in your company. This way when customers log into Virola app, they will see only those chat rooms where they were added by the Virola admin.
  2. Virola admin can create and remove user profiles. For customers admin can create profiles and provide access to Virola app where the consultation will take place.
  3. Virola admin can also create topic based internal chats where employees can share their experience, discuss various issues, or ask questions. At the same time, chats with customers they did not consult would not be accessible to them.
  4. Since Virola does not store any information about chat participants’ location, IP address and device information, they can be sure that their privacy is preserved, and chat history will be stored on a secure server of a consulting company. At any time, they can remove their conversation history which will be forever deleted both from the consultant’s side and from the secure server where Virola is hosted.
  5. With a click the conversation participants can start audio or video meeting. Such conversations are not recorded and thus are not stored anywhere.

With help of Virola secure messenger you can meet any data protection requirements. Since everything is hosted on your server, no data shared by your customers can leak to third parties. This type of corporate messenger can be the best for your consulting company.