Secure messenger app for the finance industry

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With raising threat of data breaches, identity thefts and financial frauds companies in finance industry are focusing on data security programs. It is essential for any company to keep customer confidential information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, bank accounts details, etc. protected.

The highest risk of data breaches is during internal corporate communication between employees. Such communication is an essential part of the workflow and has the weakest protection against data thefts. Thus, it is necessary to have a secure messenger app for internal communication for any company in finance industry.

Moreover, with the raising number of financial crimes and identity thefts, governments introduce various directives for businesses to keep customer confidential information protected. For example, payment services providers are obliged to comply with PSD2 and PCI-DSS, while GDPR gives users greater rights and control over their personal information and requires businesses to meet data protection measures.

In this article we will talk about data protection during internal communication of employees in finance industry. This is where the protection is the weakest since most part of data thefts takes place when employees of financial institutions share confidential information in chat rooms.

Benefits of using a secure messenger app

The best solution to protect company data is to use a self-hosted secure collaboration tool. Such tool should be hosted on the company's private server and provide all features essential for successful collaboration inside the company. This way the company employees will get a secure instrument to share confidential information and to collaborate.

The most beneficial solution is to find a secure messaging tool which can be used both for internal company communication and interactions with customers.

There is a number of secure messenger applications on the market. Their main benefits are the following:

  • Increases customer trust: a secure messenger app gives customers an opportunity to contact your financial specialist at any convenient for them time. There is no need to hang on phone waiting for an answer. It takes just a minute to type a question, which the specialist can answer at any convenient time and the customer will get an alert about this.
  • Seamless interactions with customers: when customers have access to a secure messenger app where they can chat with an advisor, this from one side removes communication barriers and from another, improves productivity.
  • Secure internal communication: it is necessary to keep all internal communication in one place. The best way is to use secure corporate messenger, which can be hosted on premises. In this case the data will be protected from breaches.

We offer you Virola Corporate Messenger as a solution for both internal and external secure communication.

How to use Virola corporate messenger in financial industry

Virola corporate messenger is a comprehensive messaging and collaboration platform.

With Virola all information shared in chats will remain protected on company's encrypted server. Employees can exchange data without fear of thefts and frauds. And customers can rest assured that their support requests reach real financial institution employees, not to some random fraud. All transferred files and chat messages are stored timelessly and if messages are removed from chats, they are removed forever if no backups are kept.

For employees communication Virola offers a wide range of useful corporate features:

  • Topic-based chats: different finance departments can communicate with each other in group chats for better collaboration
  • Private chats: employees can chat with one another or with clients in private chats
  • Voice and video calls: with a click users can start group meetings or call their co-workers privately
  • Task management: financial messenger allows creating tasks from scratch or from messages sent in chat
  • Task assignments and filtering: tasks can be assigned to employees and displayed on the task board based on their status or priority
  • Timeless files and data storage: you can store on your server all files and chat history without limitation
  • Convenient search in conversations: with help of the global search feature, it is easy to find terms and phrases in chats or in the titles of sent files
  • Screen sharing and remote control: during group or private chats users can share screens or get a control of co-worker's screen if necessary
  • On-premises hosting: Virola is a self-hosted software, which makes this financial messenger secure and allows working independently in local office network

With help of Virola secure messenger it is possible to create a support channel to assist customers. In this case each customer will get separate credentials to join a conversation and Virola admin can create group and private chat rooms which will be visible only to that customer. With help of permissions settings, customers will see only the chats where they were added by Virola admin. Such settings allow using Virola not only for internal communication but also for assisting customers, who can send either text messages or start a voice conversation with assigned specialist.

The demand on seamless customer experience is rapidly growing today. While getting such type of experience everywhere customers expect it also from financial institutions. At the same time, they worry about their confidential information and identity protection. With Virola messaging platform, which can be hosted on premises, all information will stay on financial institution’s server and will not leak to third parties.