Why secure messenger is important for insurance business

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Security is the highest priority for any business, especially when dealing with sensitive customer information such as social security numbers, accidents' details, information about health and treatment, etc. However, very often data leakage takes place during information exchange between insurance agents as they may use third-party messengers, public email services and other unprotected communication tools. For company's security this might become a huge problem. It is not possible to totally ban sensitive information sharing as this would block the business. The best way to solve the problem and to keep corporate data protected is to communicate via a secure messenger which is hosted on premises.

Benefits of using a secure messenger for insurance companies

The main benefit of using a secure communication tool is the data protection. For any insurance company data processing and exchange requires strong security measures. Documents, instant messages and voice communication should be protected from any possible kind of data leakage.

Virola corporate messenger was designed to maintain communication security and provide everything for smooth collaboration. For this purpose, the following features are available:

  • Everything is hosted on your secure server. The only third-party services involved in communication are optional push notification services for mobile devices – FCM for Android and APNs for iOS
  • The data is protected during the transfer by secure connection and public-key cryptography
  • Symmetric-key AES encryption is used for voice chats
  • Permissions can be activated for users: access to group and private chats can be regulated by Virola admin
  • Private and topic-based chat rooms: it is possible to create any number of private and group chats and invite there employees from different departments for better collaboration
  • Audio and video chats: Virola offers an ability to start audio and video chats in private and group chat rooms with a click
  • Unlimited chat history and files storage: since Virola is hosted on-premises, the chat history and files can be stored on your secure server where data storage is limited only by the server capacity
  • Easy access to transferred files: all transferred files are stored in Virola without limitations and can be easily found with help of a global search feature
  • Task board and possibility to create and assign tasks (issues) to co-workers: all tasks created and assigned to employees are available for tracking and viewing on a convenient Task board
  • Meetings scheduler: Virola users can create reminders about meetings in group and private chats, add meeting time and agenda
  • Screen sharing: during conference calls users can share their screens to demonstrate important graphics or diagrams to co-workers
  • Search in chat history and names of the sent files: global search allows looking for specific terms or phrases not only in chat history but also in the titles of sent files.

How to use Virola corporate messenger for internal communication

Virola corporate messenger was designed specifically for internal communication between employees. It is a comprehensive collaboration tool than allows messaging, exchanging files, scheduling and holding conferences, managing tasks.

Virola supports both screen sharing and remote control and can be used as a TeamViewer alternative. It is a great video conferencing app, where members can start video or audio meetings in any group or private chat with one click. Employees can also call each other, send reminders with help of the nudge option, and indicate their availability with a set of statuses. Almost all Virola functions are available in both desktop and mobile apps. And of course all communication goes through a secure channel, within one self-hosted secure server, without fear of data leakage.

Built-in task management system is part of Virola collaboration tool and can be particularly useful to organise the insurance agency workflow:

  • Tasks can be created from scratch or from already existing chat messages - just a couple of clicks needed to convert a message to task and vice versa
  • Files can be attached to tasks via drag-and-drop, directly from the clipboard, or via the task context menu. There is no limit on the number of files that can be attached to one task
  • It is possible to categorize tasks by setting their priority and thus distinguish urgent and common tasks
  • Work progress can be monitored on a task board - all tasks are grouped into columns by their current status. This way you can see what tasks are waiting in a queue, what tasks are in progress right now, what tasks require review, etc.
  • With help of task board filters you can find tasks assigned to certain employees or departments and thus check their load and productivity

How to adapt Virola collaboration tool for customer support

In addition to internal communication among insurance agents, Virola can be used to assist customers. Clients of insurance companies need reliable and secure chat where they can share their confidential information, and Virola secure messenger can be a good fit for this.

To organise customer support via Virola messenger, server admin will need to create user accounts for customers, add them to needed chat rooms, and provide them with login details. Customers, in turn, will need to install Virola client apps on their desktops, mobiles or both.

With help of customizable permissions, Virola server admin can restrict users' ability to create private and group chat rooms. This way customers will be limited to participation only in certain predefined groups with their insurance agents, and won't be able to look for another customers and communicate with them.

All confidential information will be kept secure on private Virola server and can be deleted from the conversation by participants if necessary. In this case it will be removed forever from the server without a possibility to restore.

Such model of customer service is suitable for providing premium customer service when users have their assigned agents and can contact them easily through Virola secure messenger.

As you can see now, for insurance industry the corporate messenger app can be used not only for internal communication but also to assist customers without fear of sensitive information leakage.