Virola insider program Agreement

The purpose of the Virola Insider Program is to allow people to get access to experimental and pre-release the Virola Corporate Messenger, and allow us to get user feedback in order to improve Virola in the future. We do not collect any data other than user feedback. The software is not production-ready, and can be unstable. As a result, you may experience occasional crashes and data loss. We are not responsible for such issues, and it is your responsibility to back up your data frequently. You can't sue us if you accept this agreement.

  • You can use this software for production purposes until the license expires. After the license expires, you can request a new license from us.
  • You can end this agreement anytime by uninstalling and removing all of the software provided by the Virola Insider Program.
  • You are not allowed reverse engineer the software, or use the software for doing any malicious activities on the Internet.

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