Virola 1.0.21 Build 22112215

November 22, 2022

  • Audio and video devices can be selected right from the intercom widget in the chat room toolbar now:
    Audio devices list in Virola chat room toolbar
  • We changed the technology used for screen sharing and remote control. Now they should be more smooth and responsive. Screen sharing icon was updated as well:
    New screen sharing icon in Virola Messenger
  • Task board can be now sorted by the issue creator, creation time, assignee, priority, type:
    Sorting option in Virola task board
  • Account admin can now check the server health and crash reports right from the client app. Please use this features when reporting performance issues to our support team:
    How to check server health in Virola Messenger
  • Our sound processing engine was updated. We hope that you'll experience better sound quality during meetings now.